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LIBRESUB is a hand manufactured “Designed and Made in Finland” product that is the best and most practical noseclip for freediving and other underwater activities in the market. It can attract your customer’s attention with its unique multipurpose properties in many ways. The smooth and completely adjustable clip enables the diver to dive without the need to equalize ear pressure using hands. Both hands can be used for other activities of freediving, spearfishing underwater photo, triathlon swimming, kayaking etc. The noseclip also fits under the diving mask.

 Minimum quantity for normal wholesale order is 10 items. However it is possible to order 5 items in your first order.  Dealer prices are given after first contact. The delivery cost inside Europe is included. Outside Europe costs will be charged according to real costs and buyer is responsible for possible customs or forwarding costs.

 We will  start forwarding the customers who get in touch with us from your country/area to your store after your first bulk order.

 We can send a free test item to a retailer who is considering to start selling Libresub or a freediving/spearfishing instructor who is interested of being the ambassador for the item. For the free sample please fill in the form below and provide details about  your status.

Libresub is manufactured and distributed by: SFstore tmi (Busines ID (FIN) 2997568-8)

VAT nr. FI29975688

Address: Lielahdentie 3,  FI-00200 Helsinki